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With our geeky hat on, if we had to list our favourite motorways, the M40 would most definitely be up there in the Top 5. (Maybe there's a list there waiting to happen...!) After all, compared with the M25, the M1 and the London-bound part of the M4, the M40 feels like you could be on a fly-drive through Nevada. The traffic moves, cars go at 70 (or possibly a little over??) and there's a John Lewis on the roadside!

Fact geek? Pub quiz coming up? Useful M40 facts -
- The original route of the M40 ran through "Alice's Meadow" which campaigners sold off in tiny pieces to 3,500 people. Campaigning proved successful as there was no way they could go through the process of Compulsory Purchase that many times. That's why it is where it is today!
- Rumour has it that speed controls are less 'strict' (do NOT hold us to this!) on the M40 as there have always been so many politicians living in the area...
- The M40 is part of the European route from Greenock (Scotland) to Madrid - did you know there was one? Is it really a well-trodden path?!

All in the name of service, we've done a bit of a recce for you and have come up with our shortlist of Pitstops - the best place to stop on the M40. Stretching from London to Birmingham, it would be rude to miss out on some of these brilliant stopovers.

The Milk Shed

Manor Farm
Northampton Road
Weston on the Green

Smiths Nurseries Garden Centre

95 Oxford Road
New Denham

Waterperry Gardens

Near Wheatley

Charlecote Park - National Trust


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