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Healthy eating isn't what it was. 

You fad dieters out there are now in a state of mourning with the farewell we have bid to lettuce - hold the dressing - cottage cheese and Snack-a-jacks providing the foundations of our daily calorie intake. The epiphany that is 21st Century healthy eating is unbelievably delicious, and you can rest assured that you'll never go hungry. 

But what makes good intentions the most difficult to adhere to? Eating out. 
Caf├ęs, restaurants, pubs, even the snack/takeaway sections of supermarkets tempt you into thinking you're doing well buying their 'Light' options but you only have to open a lifestyle supplement this January to discover these meals and snacks are often sending you down entirely the wrong blood sugar path.

There are WAY more than 5 brilliant healthy Pitstops on the website, but we've had to pick and choose so here are our winners.

Whole Foods Market

Gallagher Retail Park
Tewkesbury Road

Railway Carriage Café at The Trading Post

The Old Filling Station

The Natural Apothecary

1 Heath Road

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